Hey There,

This blog will be to record my portfolio development for university. For this module we have to create the minimum of 4 different looks to help enhance our portfolios ready for industry. My portfolio will show employers what I have to offer to secure me jobs in the future.  I want my portfolio to have a wide range of looks in, to show that I can create all types of makeup. From SFX to High fashion to Avant Garde looks, I want to showcase my skills for all kind of work opportunities.

To begin this module, we have been handed a sheet with a list of themes in which we get to choose from.


My attention was drawn to Colours, Metallics, Food and Unknown.

My next job is to start coming up with looks and ideas for these designs, finding models, and maybe even collaborating with photographers to get the perfect look I want and the high quality needed for my portfolio. I will be using things such as Pinterest, Magazines, Books and Youtube to help me with my inspiration.

I Have already begun with a list of looks I could do for each theme and now I’m going to start looking into the more, researching, experimenting and developing these looks within class ready for my final looks.

Hannah x


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