Preperation & Research has begun.


I have begun by  looking up images on Pinterest to give myself an idea on the themes I want to do. As I don’t have many natural makeup looks in my portfolio I have begun with a natural makeup and adding in Faux Freckles.

The first image is of regular freckles which I have attempted on myself, the second is freckles using face paints and bright colours and the third is freckles using glitter… On the third image I have used small glitter pieces to create the freckles, however I have ordered a type of glitter called Moonshine which I’m going to use with stars and holographic pieces in.

I purchased a freckle pencil from Topshop which I tested on my hand to get an idea on how pigmented the colour was, I then tried it out on my own face to get an idea on how I want them to be layed out working over my own freckles in which I have.

Faux Freckles – this is a YouTube video that I have looked at to see how faux freckles can be created and different techniques that can be used to create them.




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