Faux Freckles are in!

This week I have been doing some more experimentation on myself and I have also looked at lighting and posing for my model for each image.

These two books are great for starting out in photography, I had a look through to get an idea on what lighting to use to create a certain look. I also tells you what camera speed and aperture to use to achieve the look.

These three images are different lighting plans to create a certain look. As my photos will be headshots, I looked more into portrait lighting. Image 2 has a light behind her, which gives off a glow around her head which I really liked. The third image was a basic set up for a portrait.

I wanted some reference images of freckles on different faces, so when it came to doing the makeup application, I have images to refer to when applying the freckles to my models face as I’m aware she doesn’t have freckles herself. I also looked at different poses that I want my model to try so I can get a great portrait image. The poses will be different each shot.

This is me experimenting with glitter on my face, following the freckles that I have. I used Vaseline and a cotton bud to put the glitter on my face (see image below)




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