First Final Images are finished and ready for print!!

This week I made sure I was all prepped ready to start doing these looks on my model and getting the photos take ready for my portfolio. I came up with a fourth freckle look using paper as freckles. Using a hole punch and brown card, I created small circles to add to my models face for freckles. I did find they were a little larger than I wanted, maybe I could have cut them down so they were slightly smaller, but I am happy with my final photos


Normal freckles added to face using freckle pencil (reference images used) not edited


Freckles using glitter (following over the freckles I used in image 1) not edited


Freckles using paper – not edited


Freckles using glitter again – not edited


Model: Nicole West

Photographer: Carl Pinnington

Final images edited and together ready for print – Photoshopped by myself

Overall evaluation –

faux freckles


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