Next Theme! Texture/Victorian Neck Piece


Please scroll down the Pinterest board to see images of neck collars for ideas.

Photo 24-03-2017, 01 25 04


Photo 29-03-2017, 13 15 14Photo 29-03-2017, 13 18 44Photo 29-03-2017, 13 27 45

Photo 12-04-2017, 20 23 15

This was myself experimenting by gluing the leafs on my neck using the pro key adhesive. On the day of the shoot I think I will be using Snappy G as I found it difficult to remove once I had finished.


Photo 20-04-2017, 23 17 34

I found this image on Instagram. I loved the red smoky eye which is similar to the look I want using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Palette.


Experimentation for the eye makeup i want to do for this look using Anastasia Beverly Hills palette (Red Orchid) and the black eye shadow from our MAC palette.

Photo 25-04-2017, 14 26 20Photo 25-04-2017, 14 51 11


Model: Hannah Crawford – Images taken by myself and Hannah

HannaLetch-Project1-8HannaLetch-Project1-9neck collar

Final Images – Photographer Mike Shawcross (ThisThingCalledphotography)


Overall Victorian Collar Evaluation –

victorian collar evaluation


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