The Final Theme Is…. Creative & Colourful


First Idea

Photo 20-04-2017, 13 09 38

mike collab email.png

group coversation

Group conversation between myself, Mike, Ashleigh, Katie, Nicole & Lisa discussing ideas and models etc. for the shoot.


Other images I really like the look of for inspiration.

Experimenting with yarn to see the best way to apply it to the head using purple and orange.

Photo 01-05-2017, 19 27 48

I bought 3 eye shadows from the UMAE’s expo to use for this shoot, I found that the makeup forever No56 & No 28 were more vibrant than the NYX ultraviolet, I will be using these colours for my final makeup look.


I will also be using these colours to blend with the colours above for my final look.

(Inspiration for the makeup look has come from my Pinterest board above)

Mikes model release form.

confirm form for mike

Images from the day of us all doing the makeup.

Colourful Project Phase 1 - Didsbury - 5Colourful Project Phase 1 - Didsbury - 3                        behind the scenes shoot yesterday 1behind the scenes shoot for colour

The beginning of the makeup application.

behind the scene shoot colour

Final Images of each makeup look I did

Image 1                                       Image 2

creative shoot evaluation

Colourful Project Phase 1 - Didsbury - 18


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