Alex Box – Photo Edition [Book] – Rankin photography LTD, Accessed: March 2017

Alex Box [Website] – Accessed: March 2017

Black & Red Smokey Eye Holiday Makeup Tutorial – RawBeautyKristi - [YouTube Video] – Accessed: April 2017

Britain’s Next Top Model Series 11 [TV Show] – TJ. Sherbrook

Creative makeup ideas [Website] – – Accessed: March 2017

Face [Book] Blink Publishing – Pixiwoo

Face Paint: The Story of Makeup [Book] ABRAMS Image – L. Aldridge

How to Shoot Full Length Editorials in Studio: Full Gear List and Lighting Setup (2015) L.Nicoll [Online Article] – Accessed: March 2017

How to: Easy Dutch Braid Tutorial – Pretty Hair Is Fun – [YouTube Video] – Accessed: April 2017

Instagram [Website] –, Accessed: Throughout whole module

Light & Shoot 50 Fashion Photos 1st Edition (2011) [Book] C. Gactum – Ilex Press : Accessed Feb 2017

Makeup Artist Magazine [Magazine] Issues 117-125 Publisher: M.Keyn

Makeup is Art: Professional Techniques for Creating Original Looks – New Edition [Book]Carlton Books Ltd – (Author) Academy Of Freelance Makeup

Miles of MAC – 1st edition (2014) [Book] M.Aldridge – Rizzoli International Publications; Accessed: Jan 2017

Mutated Monster Alice in Wonderland SFX Makeup Tutorial – Jordan Hanz [YouTube Video] – Accessed: Feb 2017

New Fashion Photography 1st Edition (2013) [Book] P.Sloman – Prestel: Accessed March 2017

Pinterest [Website] – : Accessed Throughout whole module

Shades of beauty (2016) C. Tew Son [Online Article] – – Accessed: March 2017

The Makeup Artist Handbook: Techniques for Film, Television, Photography, and Theatre 2nd Edition [Book] Focal Press – G.Davis

Viral Blister Infection SFX Tutorial – Ellimacsfx [YouTube Video] – Accessed: Feb 2017





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